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Working & Collaborating since 1996 to provide high quality, timely, and cost effective creative solutions for our partners and clients.


Fully equipped ADR stages, supporting individuals, groups. Small Choir up to 10; string quartets, etc. Remote recording support via SourceConnect.

Theatrical Mixing

Mixing / Re-recording in all formats from Mono through Dolby ATMOS or AURO 3D. Remixes and delivery for Cinemas and small screens!

Foreign Language Dubbing

From translation and casting, through recording and delivery of the final mix to DCP mastering. Our staff is prepared to support your every need, in both production, and security.

Work Monitoring

No lost time in the production. Producers and clients have complete transparency to monitor performance and accrued costs.


From translation and adaptation, to spotting, to QC checks to ensure compatibility with the final delivery requirements - whether they are for Film, DCP, or closed captioning.

Masters and Deliverables

DCP Masters, DCP Remastering, Deliverables for Government Film Archives, Hollywood studio requirements, and Festival demands.

Awesome 'SoundWork'

Awesome 'SoundWork'

Total collaboration - Total results

Together with our team, you are enabled to complete 'your sound' - minimizing pitfalls and excessive costs.  Start from Pre-production prep and insights before principal photography; or on localization work, ensure that casting and translation is done right, before delving into the studio.

Facilities and more ...

Mixing / Rerecording - All formats.  From MONO to DOLBY ATMOS - for any outlet, from mobile to cinema.

Fully equipped ADR studios to facilitate clean recordings of talent performances - dialogue, vocals, foley.  For theatrical film, animation, games, trailers, documentaries, corporate specials, even VoIP - no job is too small. Need remote connectivity - to be at the session from afar? We are a SourceConnect enabled studio facility.

Editing and restoration of audio. Sync to picture and sound design. 

Picture and Audio deliverables for delivery to National film archives or Film studio requirements.  Including Optical Neg Soundtracks, DI output, and media preparation for archives.

Sound2picture is a fully networked facility with secure media management and content interchange between studios.


Feature Re-recording and ADR for VREMYA PERVIH

Feature Re-recording and ADR for VREMYA PERVIH

Vremya Pervih – an original space drama depicting the Soviet Era space race and the personalities involved.

Feature Dubbing and Subtitles Supervision – LOGAN LUCKY

Feature Dubbing and Subtitles Supervision – LOGAN LUCKY

Theatrical translation, casting, recording and mixing supervision for the Russian language market.

Feature Dubbing and Mixing – ALIEN COVENANT

Feature Dubbing and Mixing – ALIEN COVENANT

Theatrical Dubbing – Russian language version.

Feature Dubbing and Mixing – DEAD POOL

Feature Dubbing and Mixing – DEAD POOL

Feature Dubbing – all phases, including translation, adaptation, casting, recording, editing and final mix in Dolby for Theatrical Release.

Sound2Picture is certified for AURO-3D Theatrical Mixing

Sound2Picture is certified for AURO-3D Theatrical Mixing

January 2017 MIX1 has been equipped and certified by Barco for AURO 3-D Theatrical Mixing. Auro 3D has many...

Production Balance

General Breakdown of out Production Services work load.

Estimate of workload during the last 6 months.  Other project categories include:

  • Production Services
  • Sound Design
  • Picture editorial
  • Grading
  • Voice Casting
  • Subtitling for all media formats
  • Delivery Masters for National Film Archives
  • Original Feature Animation recordings
  • Trailers editorial, recordings, titles mixing
  • Media Production workflow automation & optimization
  • Film Lab Digital intermediate services
  • DCP Mastering and Remastering

Original Feature Production & Mixing


Feature Film Dubbing & Mixing


Masters for Theatrical Distribution


Localization (dubbing) of Games


Global Dubbing & Post Supervision





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